Products Catalog

We are continually researching and developing new product ideas and are active in working with partners to develop quality products. To view some of the products that have already been manufactured, please see below.

Shims transport frames

Description: Disposable product made from PolyFibra® compound and manufactured by MC PLAST (44 France).

Technical data sheet: PF-PEF04

Disposible Cutlery

Description: This product is developed from the BioCérès® compound. These disposable cutleries are completely made from renewable resources and are biodegradable.

Technical Data Sheet: BC-LBE03

Bento box

Description: This lunch box is made from BioMine® compounds, 100% biosourced materials.

Technical Data Sheet: BM-LMC04

Compostable Coffee Pods

Description: Designed with BioFibra®, these coffee pods, distributed by leading retailers, comply with the NF EN 13432 standard and are 100% biosourced and 100% compostable.

Technical Data Sheet: BF-LUD02

Compostable horticultural pots

Description: Made with the BioCérès® compounds and manufactured for BIOPLANTS (49 France), these horticultural pots are compostable and carry the OK Compost® and the OK Biobased® labels.

Technical Data Sheet: BC-LBE12

Compostable horticultural pots

Description: Made with BioFibra® compounds and manufactured by SOPARCO (61 France), these horticultural pots are compostable and carry the OK Compost® label.

Technical Data Sheet: BF-LHE01

Mulching fixing

Description: BioFix clip is made with biobased materials (BioMine®) and manufactured by CINQ MC (16 France).

Technical Data Sheet: AU-LMI01


Description: Designed with BioFibra® range, these boomerangs are manufactured by FORMES ACTIVES (73 France).

Technical Data Sheet: BF-LED10

Design furniture

Description: Contemporary furniture designed with PolyFibra® compound and marketed by NEUF MARS (85 France).

Technical Data Sheet: PF-PEF11

Key ring tokens

Description: Manufactured by FORMES ACTIVES (73 France), these token are made with BioFibra®.

Technical Data Sheet: BF-LED10

Broomstick tips

Description: BTA (47 France) has selected a BioFibra® formulation to match with its wooden broomstick in order to manufacture theirs tips.

Technical Data Sheet: BF-LED10

Broom sockets

These brushes, 100% of natural origin produced by VISIPLAST DISPLAY (27 France), are equipped with sockets in BioFibra®. They are designed to be used with BTA brush handles. presented above.

Technical Data Sheet: BF-LED10