FuturaMat works closely with industry members to improve the processes, from the early stages of new products development, all the way through to the production phase. In order to make sure that our products are of the highest quality, we are working with experts support for labelling and other certifications required by our clients.

The formulations presented in the following table have been verified in the framework of the European pilot project ETV (Environmental Technology Verification) by the verification body Rescoll. The performance parameter that has been verified is the biosourced carbon content, expressed as a percentage of the total organic carbon content. Another verification is currently underway and concerns the biodegradability of four formulations. By clicking on the technology name, you will access the ETV verification statement specifying the verified performance.

ETV registration number
for each formulation of compounds :
BF-LHE01 : VN 20160013
BF-LED10 : VN 20170021
AU-LXX06 : VN20170019
BM-LMI03 : VN20170020
PF-PEF04 : VN20170022