A biobased material loaded with wheat flour

From renewable plant resources

Local origin


Recycled PLA

Made from native wheat flour and biodegradable polymers, our BioCérès® references are biobased and compostable, with OK Compost and OK Biobased* label references.

Our BioCérès® materials are suitable for injection and extrusion processing techniques.

100% vegetable association

100% vegetable association


Biobased material

The BioCérès® range of biopolymers is made up of biobased materials.

The components used in the formulation of our BioCérès® material do not come from a byproduct of fossil origin.

Vegetal flours

Generally, wheat flour is used in the BioCérès range. These flours are CRC certified (Certified, Reasoned, Controlled), and come from farmers who are members of the Coopérative de la Tricherie located near FuturaMat.

Technical properties

  • Mechanical properties are adaptable to the specifications.
  • Compatibility with other bioplastics.
  • Adapted to conventional plastics processing equipment.
  • Low-temperature processing.
  • Low shrinkage during demolding.


  • Stiffness or flexibility depending on the properties required
  • Coloring is possible using masterbatches.
  • Hot and ultrasonic sealing.
  • Translucent
  • Natural look and feel.
  • Excellent printability.

Are you interested in this 100% plant-based combination for your project?

Certified OK Compost and OK Biobased

Our materials from the BioCérès® range are certified OK COMPOST® and OK BIOBASED® by AIB Vinçotte, which allows them to biodegrade according to standards NF EN 13432 and 14995.