Made in France


Our vision

Since 2005, FuturaMat has positioned itself as a player in the energy transition by offering plant-based materials for the plastics industry. From day one, the company has been committed to qualified environmental assessment methods, developing eco-design solutions and using tools such as LCA and carbon footprinting.

The exploitation of patents and know-how acquired over nearly 20 years gives FuturaMat a capacity for innovation dedicated to the evolution of the references of the 5 product ranges in the catalog; above all, it enables the company to support the development of projects as close as possible to the needs of its customers.

The choice of a partner

Our association with the Coopérative Agricole de la Tricherie gives FuturaMat its territorial dimension, anchored in the heart of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region.

This Vienne-based agricultural cooperative has been engaged in innovative approaches for its farmers since 1936, and has always defended bold choices (e.g no-till farming, research funding in the agricultural sector, etc.).

Harvests are usually governed by contracts that set out quality charters defined specifically with agri-food customers.

La Tricherie is the first French cooperative to have been awarded the “Engagé RSE” (“Committed CSR) by AFNOR Group, demonstrating its commitment to the promotion of alternative materials over the past 17 years through its support for FuturaMat and, more recently, through the creation of Brin d’Or and Ielo.

A structured team to support you


Partner and Founder


Environment and CSR Manager


Production and Development Manager


R&D Manager


Executive Assitant


Production Coordinator


Development Project Manager

Environmental management – ​​QSE

Our efforts focus mainly on the following areas:

  • Waste: implementation of internal reduction protocols and use of an independent service provider located less than 20 km away: Métal Fer Recyclage.
  • Production offcuts: grinding using on-site equipment and re-extrusion.
  • Regulatory monitoring: implementation of procedures relating to the prevention of losses of industrial plastic granules in the environment (GPI) in accordance with Decree No. 2021-461 of April 16, 2021.
  • Energy: monitoring of consumption and analysis of the electrical load curve: Straténergie
  • Eau: consumption monitoring and installation of a closed circuit for the vacuum pump.
  • Biodiversity: choice of late mowing of green spaces.
  • At the level of administrative premises: transition to “all LED” for lighting, choice of office automation equipment adapted to needs, purchase of consumables from a CAT, etc.

Our facilities

Located near Poitiers, our 1000m² (10765sqft) facilities houses not only our R&D department but also our extruded and compressed material production workshops.

In an “eco-logical” spirit, we decided to gather all our teams in one place. This allows us to be more reactive and to offer a better quality product to our clients.

Extruded material production line

Storage area


Compressed material production line

Our partners

In order to provide our customers with a complete and quality service, we work with several partners, each specialized in a specific field such as molding, certification, etc. For our customers, working with Futuramat means being sure to have all the competent contacts around the table to anticipate and support their project throughout its life cycle.