End Of Life Options

BioCérès® and BioFibra® :

Optimization of environmental impacts at the end of life is an integral part of the research that led to the development of these two compounds ranges. For applications using agropolymers, composting remains the soundest process of discarded at the end of the life of the products. So, several references of FuturaMat agropolymers (as Bioceres®, BioFibra ®) meet the requirements of standard EN 13432:2000.

Much less developed than in Germany or Switzerland, products and packaging composting can be organized with local authorities and distribution partners and recovery systems. Initiatives have been launched in western France (FERS Maine Compost).

In cases where composting is not possible, products made with BioFibra® and BioCérès® may well follow the traditional ways of household waste, namely: recycling (mechanical), incineration with energy recovery and landfill (focusing on circuits practicing Mechanical Biological treatment (MBT) and anaerobic digestion).

Want to see how it works? Watch a FuturaMat pot decompose over 6 weeks.

PolyFibra® :

Formulations incorporating conventional polymers (fossil origin) can follow the traditional waste streams, namely: recycling (mechanical), incineration with energy recovery and landfill.