Our Company

FuturaMat believes that creating products that do not pollute is not only good for the environment; it is also good for business. We work hand-in-hand with our partners and clients to develop innovative uses of natural resources in order to create a smart solutions for our daily needs.

The innovative technologies driving FuturaMat forward originate from labs of Valagro, a leading R&D facility focusing on using natural resources. With a shared goal of finding natural and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our environment and our need to perform, FuturaMat has created a portfolio of compounds and products that provide both businesses and consumers with quality alternatives to traditional plastics.

In order to stay in touch with scientific and commercial developments in the sector, FuturaMat is a member of the Club des Bioplastiques, an association representing the entire French bioplastics industry: biobased and biodegradable resins.

Our Facitilies

Our manufacturing facility is located near Poitiers, France. 1000 m2 are dedicated to production. All the process steps lead to the production of reproducible, reliable, high-performance materials.
The whole FuturaMat team works in the same “eco-logical” spirit …