Our Creed, Our mission

We believe and are driven by the belief that creating products that do not pollute the earth, is not only good for the environment, but is good for business as well.

Our Objectives

To develop and introduce bioplastics into the global market, to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses and to provide an alternative to the usage of oil in the development of products on a wide scale.

Creating quality products that enable us to meet the needs of the world today, while protecting and redefining our future.

Our committment to creating a sustainable and innovative future drives us to:

– Work towards changing how businesses operate from the inside out by illustrating how operation with respect for the environment can be a competitive factor that creates boundless opportunities
– Communicate how switching to bio-plastics is unavoidable
– Educate and inform others on the importance of protecting our environment
– Present effortless choices for consumers