Biobased material with a natural look


Natural look

Wood fiber


From renewable plant resources

Our BioFibra® materials are biobased and compostable (biopolymers and plant fibers). The performance of the material is adjusted to the specifications required for the final application.

Our BioFibra® materials are adapted for injection and extrusion processes.

100% vegetal association

100% vegetal association


Biosourced material

The BioFibra® range of biopolymers are made of biobased materials. The components used for the formulation of our BioFibra® material do not come from a byproduct of fossil origin.

Plant fibers

Generally derived from wood fibers, the components of the PolyFibra® range can also be derived from reed fibers, miscanthus, straw, etc..
Our wood fibers are PEFC certified.

Compostable materials

Two references of the BioFibra® range are certified OK COMPOST® by TÜV Austria and ETV.

The other references respect the standards of biodegradation by composting.

Technical properties

  • Mechanical properties adaptable to the specifications.

  • Adapted to conventional plastics processing equipment.
  • Low temperature processing.
  • Low shrinkage during demolding.


  • Stiffness or flexibility depending on the properties required.
  • Colouring possible by masterbatch.
  • Hot and ultrasonic sealing. Natural look and feel.
  • Excellent printability.

Are you interested in this natural looking material for your project?