New BioPolyme range

Adapted to injection and extrusion processing techniques, our range of BioPolyme® materials is made of compostable and partially biosourced biopolymers.

Meet us on September 19 during the Biosourcé aperitif

As part of France Design Week 2023, we are organizing an event with Clémence Valade allowing you to learn more about the challenges and outcomes of the plastics of tomorrow, and the opportunities that these new materials bring to design.


“Protecting the environment is not a constraint but a key factor in competitiveness”.

This belief is still alive and established at FuturaMat.

After all, the innovations required to use alternative methods and materials help companies to stand out from their competitors and improve their performance! The objective of economic development is always at the forefront.

Our team is always ready to listen to FuturaMat’s partners: customers, suppliers, industrialists, laboratories, and academics… It’s a practice that’s deeply rooted in our organization, where networking is essential.


What we offer

Eco-design support

FuturaMat can help you take into account the environmental impact of your project right from the design stage.

Development of extruded compounds

Our R&D department formulates granulates to meet your specifications.

Development of compressed compounds

Our compression workshop enables us to produce compressed granulates to your requirements.

A range of products already on the shelves

Our products for injection moulding and thermoforming also include a range of compressed granules.







We’re with you every step of the way


We have devised a 7-phase process to help you obtain an eco-designed extruded or compressed material that meets your particular needs.