Innovative material with a mineral filler

Mineral filler

Soft Touch

100% recycled PLA




The BioMine® range is made from plant-based biopolymers to which mineral fillers (calcium carbonate, talc, clay, shell powder, etc.) are added, giving the final product a soft-touch appearance.

For each formulation, we favor the use of biopolymers from recycled sources. Our BioMine® materials are suitable for processing by injection and extrusion.

Mineral filler

Mineral filler



Our BioMine® material is partially or entirely made of biobased materials.

The components used for the formulation of our BioMine® material do not come from a fossil-derived material.

Mineral fillers

Calcium carbonate and talc can be used, as can shellfish powders, such as oyster, scallop and abalone.

Bisphenol and Phthalate free

Bisphenols and Phthalates are toxic and hazardous substances. Our BioMine® material is free of these, so it is compatible with toys.

Technical properties

  • Same characteristics as PS and ABS.
  • Suitable for all types of machinery in the plastics industry.
  • Can be processed at low temperatures.
  • Negligible shrinkage on demolding.


  • Rigidity.
  • Coloring is possible by masterbatches.
  • Hot and ultrasonic weldability.
  • Soft and dense touch.
  • Excellent printability.
  • Suitable for ” High end ” applications

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