Alloy of biopolymers

Recycled biopolymers



The references of the BioPolyme® range are made of a combination of compostable and partially biosourced biopolymers.
For each formulation, we favor the use of biopolymers from recycling channels.
Our BioPolyme® materials are suitable for injection and extrusion transformation techniques.

Alloy of biopolymers

Alloy of biopolymers


Compostable materials

All the biopolymers in the BioPolyme® range meet the standards of biodegradation by composting.

These materials are partially or totally biobased and are essentially derived from the recovery of post-industrial waste.

Bisphenol and Phthalate free

Bisphenol and Phthalate are harmful substances.

Our BioPolyme® material does not contain them, which makes it compatible with the standards in force for many uses.

Technical properties

  • Mechanical properties are adaptable to the specifications.
  • Compatible with all types of plastics processing equipment.
  • Low-temperature processing.


  • Flexibility and resilience.
  • Colouring possible by masterbatches.
  • Hot and ultrasonic weldability.
  • Possibility of composting

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