Let’s develop your project together

A team that listens to you

From the definition of the specifications to the storage of the extruded plastic granules, through the creation of customized bioplastics or the certification of your product, FuturaMat offers its clients support adapted to their needs to help them realize their projects.

Co-creation of the specifications

Thanks to our experience in the field of bioplastics:

  • We analyze the consistency of the projects and their objectives.
  • We provide solutions with adapted technical answers
  • We validate the regulations' compliance.

Project eco-design

Taking into account the environmental impact of a project must be systematic and anticipated.

FuturaMat provides expertise and solutions with the best balance between environmental, social, technical, and economic requirements for the conception and elaboration of products.

Our R&D department at your service

Over the years, our Research and Development department has developed a range of materials with different characteristics: biobased, compostable, biodegradable, soft touch, made from vegetable fibers, etc. This allows us to offer you turnkey and customized solutions that meet your specifications.

Product industrialization

The use of bioplastics in plastics processing requires specific knowledge and know-how. Depending on the project, we put our customers in touch with professionals in the field (mold makers, colorists, manufacturers, etc.). These partners offer us their expertise and commit themselves to the quality of the service provided.

We also offer to manage the relationship with these professionals on your behalf.

Certification support

FuturaMat identifies the type of certification adapted to your products and your markets and accompanies you for the certification with accredited organizations.

Proof of claims related to biodegradation, composting and biobased origin is often required for a reliable and effective marketing strategy.

Internal production department

We manufacture extruded or compressed materials thanks to our two production lines located in our facilities in Dissay, near Poitiers.

Our catalog includes 5 ranges of products:

  • PolyFibra
  • BioFibra
  • BioCérès
  • BioMine
  • BioPolyme

This in-house production ensures our reactivity and allows us to control the raw materials, to be able to quickly carry out tests for new formulations, and finally to ensure the quality procedures of our productions.


Our facilities in Dissay include a storage area you can benefit from if you need a dedicated space for your goods. Located near the A10 highway Poitiers-Futuroscope, you’ll be able to quickly supply your customers' production lines.