Plastic material with vegetable fibers

Natural look

Wood fibers

Possible coloring

Plastics of recycled origin

These products of the PolyFibra® product line, by their incorporation of vegetal fibers, are partially biobased and can save up to 50% in weight of fossil carbon.

We privilege for each formulation the use of biopolymers coming from recycling channels.

Natural fibers filler

Natural fibers filler


Recycled material

The materials of the PolyFibra® range are made of conventional plastic and vegetal fibers.

The polymeric components used for the manufacturing of our PolyFibra® material are as much as possible from recycling channels.

Vegetal fibers

Generally made of wood fibers, the components of the PolyFibra® range can also be made of reed fibers, miscanthus, straw, etc..
Our wood fibers are PEFC certified.

Technical properties

  • Characteristics are comparable to those of PP.
  • Suitable for conventional plastics processing equipment.
  • Low temperature processing.
  • Low shrinkage during demolding.


  • Good stiffness.
  • Coloring is possible by masterbatches.
  • Natural wood appearance.
  • Stable over time.

Are you interested in this material with a natural look for your project?